When you ask people to name those from history who have made the most significant contributions to the world you might hear names like Sir Stamford Fleming or Dr. Fredrick Banting. We all are likely to need some kind of medicine in our lives and we value those that are able to create the next cures and treatments. This is why we have devoted this website to the study of biological medicine.

If you're going to dive into the world of medicine than you really need to start at the beginning. All of the things that biomedical scientists are learning in the lab today are based on those things that were discovered years or even centuries before. Some practices and medicines have changed drastically over the years and we now shake our heads at the techniques of ancient physicians. But some things are done almost the exact same way as they would have been for our forefathers. We will explore the different events throughout medical history relating to biological medicines.

Biological medicines are those that use some form of living source rather than chemicals as their base. Insulin is an example of this type of medication, as are antibiotics. It is used with the principle of trying to balance the body using these living sources. This can be viewed as a more natural way of introducing new substances into the body, which in turn could help speed up the healing process. Symptoms of diseases that are treated using biological medicines are called "regulatory disharmony".

When it comes to the study of any form of medicine, we want to see its potential for the future. There is bound to be something that will end up curing cancer in millions of people or AIDS someday and we just haven't quite found it yet. This thought brings hope to many and sparks the imaginations of some of the world's top minds. We at this site also want to devote a section of pages to the potential that biological medicines have in helping with all sorts of different conditions, both life threatening and less severe. We will explore the little events that could lead to the next on the list of most influential world discoveries.

This is not just a site for those that are in the medical profession but those that are interested in biomedical research coming from any background. We could help you find information on an illness that you or someone you know is suffering from or could help you research a paper for school. Medical research is something that effects all of us at some point in our lives and we want to make sure that it is an accessible topic. You will find articles here relating to everything that might have to do with this technology and science.

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